Spring is coming and I love spring! Especially the later time during the spring when it gets warm and literally everything around me is blooming.

The spring flow of ideas and how to handle it

I don’t know about you but I always feel really inspired and energetic in the spring. All the things that I want to do and all the things that have to be done are spontaneously popping into my head. And I don’t mean every once in a while. Nope. I’ m talking speed of light, almost constant and steady stream of ideas! This will range from the most interesting concepts for my art,  through cool ideas for what I want to do with our tiny garden this year, up till the most down to earth and mundane “defly our cat” ideas. This makes me crazy! And happy… why to limit oneself to just one emotion at a time? 😉

In order to prevent definitieve damage to my cognitive functions and spread the crazy on all bystanders, I write things down… in todo lists. Endless todo lists. Writing things down helps me relax and it takes that unpleasant feeling of having a full head. My lists are therefore (1) long and (2) very functional. Not pretty at all.

But then I get bored and overwhelmed at all the things that are on the list. I start to cherry pick, so to prevent that I start to prioritise and schedule things in my calendar. Then I see that I don’t have a single free evening the coming 8 weeks and a different type of crazy is entering the scene… the less even less pleasant one.

So this year I want to be ahead of myself… in a good sense. I have created 7 different daily todo lists, 1 for each day of the week. There is not a lot of space to write my todos so I have to prioritise on the spot and more spontaneously. There is a place for events and possible deadlines so that I can keep track of time actually passing by.

The free daily todo printable

If you recognise yourself in all of this planning madness, I want to share my printables with you. Just go ahead and grab them. They are an A4 format but you can also print them out on A5 and they will fit in your organiser.

How will I be using these daily todo printable?

Not for my day job, that’s all digital and high volume.

But all my private and own business, and art related things will go in there.

Every week I’ll be looking ahead and printing the 7 printables and plan my week. 1 week at a time and not more.

I’m not afraid of my deadlines and events. I keep all of that in my google calendar.

This is also actually a part of my own self healing program. But about that I’ll tell you on a different occasion.

You can donwload all these printables from here:

Let me know what you think? An don’t forget to share these with your over enthusiastic friends.

Karolina General