And just like that after what had seemed like few weeks of grey and rainy weather… there was a day of sun, spring and warmth…

Something like this will not leave me indifferent so I started creating.

Photoshop my new toy

Yes after years of thinking about it… I have finally made my choice and pull out my credit card. I’m a proud owner of a photoshop cc.

My fingers were itching all week to take it for a spin. Wednesday I was trying stuff out and wondering aimlessly through the menus. Today I watched some YouTube tutorrials with some more attention to details like keyboard shorcuts and all of a sudden I have found my inspiration for the day!

The spring is here

I found this tutorrial about how to make something sticking out of your “phone”. And yes, sure there have been gazilion images like this already but at this point it’s not about high art but improving my Photoshop skillset…

I remembered that first spring flowers have just came out and 1+1 became 3 all of a sudden. I grabbed my macro 100 mm and went just in front of our home. It was still quite early so I could shoot how I like it – directly into the sun. After few minuts I had enough images to try things out and… to make some for the free march printables 😉

It was time to shoot inside…

I quickly assembled my still life scene and started shooting. 5 minut later I was ready to manipulate…

It took 3 hours

I kid you not! It was about 3h in total… shooting outside, shooting inside and editing. It took forever to actually get the image where I wanted it to be. But this is the result!

It has taken me 3 hour to actually create this!

How do you make a creative spring image in Photoshop?

This is not ment as an exhaustive manual more of a guideline on how I have managed to create this creative image.

First of course I had to have 2 images…

The you need to bring them into Photoshop.

Cut out the flowers – the layer that will go on top.

It might be that you need to do some copy-paste of part of one layer or the other ‘cos it’s simply easier to cut out the edges. But that’s pretty much it folks!

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