The day was grey and cold but that did not stop me from going out with my camera. The circumstances were definitely not ideal but I do have some tricks up my sleeve for that…

I know how to make the magic light!

If you have been following my instagram most likely you have noticed what my style is. I want you to look at my photos and daydream just for a moment. Feel the wind or the sun on your face. Close your eyes and still enjoy that image.

But how on earth could I achieve that on a gray day?

Gray and dull. Lifeless and absolutely without any magic…

And that is when experience and preparation come into play. I use what I have in my photo bag and there you go…

Enter a spark of magic

A whole world of a difference right there.

What is magic light and how to create it in your images?

By no means is this a professional term. That is something I came up with.

To me a magic light is light from behind or bellow the subject. It needs to be a strong light source so that it will make your subject glow.

On a sunny day that might be a low hanging sun (the golden hour).

On a gray day it might be an external flash (with or without gel). You need to play with settings a bit not to overblow your subject.

So there you go! The magic is achievable on a daily basis…

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